Status Updates

- November 23rd, 2022

Working on the site some more! I did a lot of backend organization, and I started giving a bit of an overhaul to the way I'm handling the Hall of Fame pages. I've been going back and forth on how to handle it but I think this is for the best, even if it means it'll take me a bit to actually get to finishing it now, lol

Also, new site header! I liked the concept of the old one, but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. I think I like this more.

I maaaay offload statuses to their own page. I think the idea of a home page status is fun, buuut I think I'd like it more if the home page acted more as a landing page, I guess?

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- November 18th, 2022

I'm calling it official: site is launched! It's kind of been up in a minimal capacity for a while now, but only now did I actually make it so you can technically use the splash page to reach the home page. It's still really new, so most links don't go anywhere yet... but I'm working on it! In the meantime, why don't you check out some of my friends by clicking on the buttons to the right?

I hope to use this as a place to really express myself. Whether that's sharing what I enjoy, what I've been doing, my OCs, whatever! I have an unfinished Pokémon "Hall of Fame" you can visit, it's a little cluttered and long but I'll clean it up soon!

In any case, looking forward to Lancer again today. And after that, I'll get to tweaking some more stuff!

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- November 17th, 2022

I am fighting for my life to get this site running. alright, maybe it's not quite that dire, but still. I don't think Twitter is going to literally die in a day, but it's getting worse and worse and honestly, even if it stays going and active for a good while longer, I've been needing an excuse to work on my site anyway!

This is technically written later, I just needed another entry to test how they lay together. Also, it's a pretty good summary of my day working on this, haa.

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