Hall of Fame

Pokémon Black 2




Gender: Female

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Overgrow

Likes to run

Mega Drain Return

Leaf Blade Leer


Psychic Flying


Gender: Female

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Unaware

Good endurance

Attract Assurance

Heart Stamp Aerial Ace


Water Rock


Gender: Male

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Sturdy

Highly persistent

Bide Crunch

Ancient Power Aqua Tail


Ground Dark


Gender: Female

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Intimidate

Thoroughly cunning

Crunch Dig

Assurance Sand Tomb


Ghost Fire


Gender: Male

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Flame Body

Quick to flee

Will-O-Wisp Flame Burst

Imprison Hex


Electric Bug


Gender: Male

Nature: Careful

Ability: Unnerve

Alert to sounds

Electro Web Bug Bite

Gastro Acid Slash

Playing Pokémon Black 2 was a little lonely, really. Most of my friends didn't get the game; most of them were satisfied with Black and White, and weren't jazzed about the idea of the same game a second time. This also released around the time I had entered high school, so some people had grown out of the franchise by this point. I still had a good time with it on my own though, but I had realized by this point a lot of my enjoyment of Pokémon had come from being able to share my excitement with other people too.

I feel like I remember having a hard time with this Elite 4. I'm not sure why I still had moves like Leer or Attract, as I usually avoided moves like those to opt for more coverage. I was still just not quite familiar with the finer mechanics of Pokémon back then though, so that may have played a part in it. Also, I hated grinding in earlier games a lot, and I feel like that didn't help with the difficulty... >_>