hi there! this is my webpage among the clouds. though i love and appreciate all times of day, and adore all kinds of scenery in my skies, i like to keep things darker here since the low light is nice on my eyes! eventually though, i plan to have a styleswitcher so people may choose to shift the scenery and time of day to fit their liking.

this is a personal website for myself, and i plan to have a lot of personal pages that make me happy. i'm also aiming to have a website that is responsive too, as someone who has a smaller-than-standard monitor (i have one 1920x1080 and i have one 1280x1024) and someone who uses their phone a lot. i want to be able to see everything nicely regardless of where i view my page, and hopefully that stands to be the same for others, too!

a lot is still under construction atm. i'll put some of my art and OCs here at some point to share! in the meantime, maybe you'd like to check out my pokémon hall of fame page? or, feel free to check the outgoing section to surf some other sites i find interesting!